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As a practice of General Dentistry, we play a role similar to your Primary Care Physician.  We will assess your condition, educate you on choices of treatment along with pros, cons, longevity, and cost of each choice.   Based on your selection of choices, we can then provide treatment for services we are confident in handling, and coordinate treatment with the right specialists if the the situation indicates a higher level of complexity. We will also provide you with the tools for preventing future dental problems.

New Patient Exams &

All of our new patients receive a full examination which includes not only a screening for cavities and gum disease but an oral cancer exam, a TMJ assessment, and a cosmetic evaluation.  A separate consultation will follow addressing the Health, Function, and Esthetics of your mouth.  Other than for emergency purposes, we would not proceed with treatment until you have had the opportunity to see your oral situation, know and understand what alternatives you have for treatment, and are aware of the time constraints, cost, and insurance coverages.  This exam is typically covered at 100% by most insurances and x-rays at 50-100%. There are no other fees for your first exam visit and consultation.

Taking Care of 
Cavities & Fractures

There are many ways to take care of teeth that are broken down as a result of cavities, an accidental fracture, or self induced wear from grinding.  The restorative materials include silver amalgam, white composite resins, gold, porcelain, Zirconia, or a combination.  They each have good points and bad points about them and their use would vary in different situations based on strength, durabillity, longevity, esthetics, and of course, cost and insurance coverage.  The choices are always discussed with patients prior to placement.


We all hate emergencies but at one time or another, it happens and it's always at the most inopportune time possible.  Our primary objective in treating emergencies is to get you comfortable and set your mind at ease. Whether you are a new patient to the practice or someone who has been with us for a long time, please don't hesitate to call us when an emergency occurs.  We can often handle it over the phone  or via a call to a nearby pharmacy.  But if it entails a visit to our office, we will make the time for you and get you comfortable ASAP.

Replacing Missing 

People unfortunately are sometimes required to lose teeth as a result of extensive decay, gum disease, or an accident.  We have many different alternatives to replacement of these missing teeth.  The choices are usually a removable denture or partial denture, a "bridge" that is cemented into your mouth permanently, an implant supported crown, or maybe just leaving it alone.  We try to discuss these choices with patients before the bad tooth is taken out but even it is after the extraction, we try to inform patients of the many choices along with the pros and cons of each choice before proceeding with any treatment.

Invisalign & Braces




Unlike most General Dentists, Dr. Saito has been providing orthodontic therapy since 1988 although it has always been limited for his own patients only.  We provide both standard wired braces and Invisalign.  For patients with more complex orthodontic situations, Dr. Saito has Orthodontic specialists which he consults with or refers patients to.  

Many people have said "I would give anything if I could get my missing teeth back". Well, now you can.  Replacing missing teeth with implants have proven to be at a 96-97% success rate after about 15 years.  Most people who have implants have a tough time remembering which of their teeth were replaced with an implant. They feel like natural teeth.   Please don't hesitate to ask us if an implant is the right choice for you to replace a missing tooth.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Maintenance of your
Gums and Teeth

We believe that all that we do in dentistry should have cosmetic considerations even if it may be a simple filling, but if you have desires to give your smile an added boost, we have many alternative treatments to improve your smile.  Some of the choices include orthodontics, porcelain veneers or crowns, resin bonding, bleaching, or even a simple reshaping or smoothing the rough edges of your existing tooth.  Sometimes your solution may be something you can pick up in a local drug store.  Not all of these procedures may fit your unique situation and desire but we would be happy to discuss the various possiblilities based on what your wishes are to enhance your smile.

It is said that close to 100% of the most common dental problems, cavities and gum disease, are 100% preventable.  That being true, after getting your dental problems under control, prevention and maintenance play the most major role in your dental health.  We will help you design and continue through a maintenance program which may include fluoride rinses or varnishes, lazer induced bacterial reduction, time released antibiotic chips, or most often, motivation to simple brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups and cleanings.

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